Osa Peninsula Conservation

Osa Conservation is a non profit organization dedicated to conserving Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula through a unique holistic approach based in research, education, and stewardship. Their work is founded in science and supported by strategic partnerships and a strong commitment to improving lives through protecting nature. This means that their conservation efforts are not only seen through the preservation of species, but also through the involvement in education and outreach to local communities.They recognize that in order for conservation to succeed, it must be coupled with science, community engagement and strong systems of support upon which to collaboratively build a more sustainable future.

We at Pura Cycling Studio are proud to donate a portion of the proceeds for every unlimited membership purchased to the Osa Conservation group! We believe in long-term solutions for your health and for the future of our planet, so naturally this is a great fit for us. As you may or may not know, wetlands and rain forests are the fastest-disappearing habitats on the planet, but also contain the greatest amount of biodiversity. In addition to this, the surrounding watersheds and coastal-marine areas around Osa’s Golfo Dulce support abundant wildlife and provide economic opportunities for local communities whose livelihoods depend upon the health of these ecosystems. Protecting Osa’s natural treasures is a necessary first step in sustaining both people and nature in this important region.

Costa Rica is home to over 5% of the world’s biodiversity (with less than .3% of the Earth’s landmass). That being said, the Osa Peninsula is home to about 2.5% of this biodiversity that include many species that cannot be found anywhere else on the planet! *Fun fact – the Osa Peninsula is home to over 25 species of whales and dolphins (over 140 mammals in general) and is the only place that Northern and Southern populations of humpback whales meet! By supporting the Osa Conservation group we can help protect several endangered species, habitats, and local communities that are crucial to the ecosystem’s survival.

The Osa Conservation works on many levels to…

1. Protect their natural treasures:

-Creating biological corridors for the peninsula’s wildlife

-Connecting and supporting other national parks and wetlands

-Building models for restoration while restoring damaged ecosystems

2.  Engage societyin ecological sustainability:

-Promoting environmentally responsible and sustainable local economic opportunities

-Engaging the future generations

-Collaborating with ecotourism businesses to engage Osa visitors in conservation and best practices

-Shifting local and national policies and decision-making toward ecological sustainability

-Hosting and supporting scientists and researchers from around the world

3. Understand Osa’secology and build better support systems:

-Cataloging species and monitoring ecosystem health

-Developing and implementing sound ecological management techniques

-Training and educating the next generation of citizen scientists

Engaging the future generations

-Offering world-class research facilities with volunteer programs

-Protection and building strategic partnerships and alliances for conservation

If you want to learn more about this organization or how you can help, please follow the link below. Osa Conservation offers programs catered to the habitats, community, education, and wildlife and much more! Please let us know if you have any questions or would like to get more involved.  We would be glad to help!